Belly Dance Classes



We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. Friedrich Nietzsche

Belly Dance Classes


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Why BellyDance?

Raks Sharki (aka Bellydance) is a dance style where a woman can change her identity and explore different sides of her emotions: from sadness to happiness, from anger to sensitivity-every feeling will find its place in this feminine dance style.

In my classes, I  use my own  teaching method for Raqs Sharqi dance style which I developed while studying for my master degree in the University of Bedfordshire.  Together we will learn not only necessary movement vocabulary, history and rhythm patterns but also different ways of developing performance skills of any student at any level in order to overcome stage anxiety.

A high level of technique together with creativity and pure self-expression help you to explore yourself and bring light into your daily routine. Welcome to my classes – let’s be different:)


Together we will learn different  styles such as Classical Raks Sharki, Flamenco Fusion, Show and Latino Bellydance, and of course Traditional dance styles of Middle East. We will not only learn choreographies and technique but also will be creating new ideas and working on the development of our performance skills.

Group classes:

The usual duration is a 1 hour and includes warming up, basic moves, dance sequences, choreography, cooling down and stretching. The main focus is to enjoy and to learn with a fun, upbeat atmosphere.

Private classes:

 Thinking to impress your friends/boyfriend/husband/colleagues or you just love one particular song and want to make choreography on it? Easy! Private tailor-made classes will give you all that plus extra fun at  any  convenient time/day for you and Yallar. The usual duration of the class is between 60 to 90 min.

Classes take place in your home or in a hired studio, (in that case the hire fees will be added to the final payment)

NEW! Skype classes!


Perfect opportunity for busy people. No need to travel and look for a studio to hire, just you, your room, the laptop or PC and stable internet. More about Skype classes read here

What to wear

Bring comfortable gym wear such as leggings or shorts. Please avoid harem pants and long skirts as it prevents the teacher to see how your legs move. Stretchy top or sports bra for the upper body and bare feet, non-slippery socks or ballet shoes-whatever feels more convenient. Please do not wear coin belts for the group classes (we don’t want the teacher to lose her voice, don’t we?). Having a bottle of water is highly recommended.

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