Dum Tek 2016 Workshops



Dum Tek 2016 Workshops

Workshops led by our guest star Tatiana Shaforostova 31.01.2016!

1)Modern Baladi choreography on beautiful Arabic song, made especially for competitions. Beautiful song interpretation, using small and precise elements with special attention on the technique. Along with choreography, the main characteristic and popular moves of Baladi will be discussed and shown. The authentic feeling and interpretation will help to construct the complicated dance phrases.
Don’t forget to take water
Duration of each workshop: 1,5 hours
Time 12.00-13.30
Level: Intermediate/advanced

2) Modern khaleegy- feminine and gentle choreography made for competitions using Tatiana’s unique experience working in UAE. The secrets of The Gulf dance will introduce the participants to the basic steps, elements and costume of the style. The workshop will emphasize the feeling and the authentical movements and other important elements of the style.
Don’t forget to take water
Duration of each workshop: 1,5 hours
Time 13.30-15.00
Level: all

Workshop with Yallar

3) Contemporary tabla solo by famous musician Artem Uzunov „I wanna dance”. Popular composition, where the name has its all- funny, cheeky and provocative choreography, already experienced the approval of the audience in London. I will gladly share this pearl of my dance program with everyone, who decides to join the fun! You will enjoy the mix of different rhythms and signature movements.
The choreography is well adapted to competitions and other performances.
Don’t forget to take water
Duration of the workshop: 2 hours
Level: intermediate-advanced
Time: 10.00-12.00

Tatiana Shaforostova
1 WS – 28 euro
2 WS – 55 euro
Yallar 21 euro
all 3 W/S  70 euro
for ‘Dum Tek’ participants – 5%
Address:Kr. Barona 99 (Rīgas skolēnu pils)
fest.dumtek@gmail.com or call 26702017