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Skype Dance Classes


Till 01.11 only. If you book 4 PRIVATE classes of Belly dance technique the total cost is 70£ instead of 100£ (which makes 17,5£/h per class!! ) the lowest rate you can ever find in the UK! Please contact for more details.

No time to attend group classes? Or maybe you live far away from your favourite belly dance group? NO STRESS! Let the technology solve the problem! All you need to enjoy a Skype class from home is your high speed internet, a free Skype account and your computer’s built in camera or webcam!

Skype classes will give you all advantages of private class right at your place so you could belly dance anytime and anywhere you want. FUN, EASY &CLEAR !

Whether you are learning to dance for fun or a special occasion, we will customize your lessons to meet your needs and goals. At Yallar dance studio we can help you with choreography, technique, stylisation, musicality, improvisation, props and much more.

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Advantages of a Skype class


Study options 

We can discuss and go through anything you feel you need to keep your attention on. Skype classes can be roughly divided into 2 categories:

Technique class

This class is all about technique of belly dance. Posture, arms, hips, legs, shimmies- we can go through everything to make you feel more comfortable and safe. This class is essential for beginners and those who want to study particular dance style or develop certain skill. Short dance combinations will be explained and learnt during the session.

Choreography class

This class is created for those who have a specific goal in mind such as a competition, gala show performance or any other kind of dancer development. If you are a professional and need an advice or beginner who wants to perform for your friends/husband-this class is for you. We will go through the personalised choreography from A to Z to make you feel ready for a big event. Choreographies will be adapted to your dance level taking in mind the audience you are going to perform to. In short, if you are professional thinking to participate in competition, or beginner going to perform for the special one-choreography class is your option.

Length and price

The length of the course can vary according to your goal. Price range may vary between 30-50£/h depending on the number of hours you purchase at a time. Custom made instructional videos for steps and choreography are also available upon requests.

Please contact for more details.